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Headquartered in Beijing, central district of China, HongXinCreaton  corporation designs, manufactures, and markets different kinds of drilling equipments,drilling rigs,oilfield tubulars and pumping equipments, which meet the rigorous industry standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). As a global supplier of quality oilfield equipment to the oil and gas industry, we ship our products around the globe. To see the complete line of our products, please visit our products menu or download our composite catalog.

We supply :

-A full line of drilling rig packages:

Skid-mounted drilling rigs, truck-mounted drilling rigs and trailer-mounted drilling rigs. Our skid-mounted drilling rigs include diesel electric AC/VFD or DC/SCR drive rigs, mechanical drive rigs, and combination drive rigs, from 1,000 HP to 6,000 HP. Our truck-mounted drilling rigs range from 450 HP to 1,000 HP.

-Oil country tubular goods

Drill pipe,Drill collar,Heavy weight drill pipe ,Casing,Tubing,and Line pipes.Quality is a permanent commitment for which we hold global API  AND ISO registration. All products are manufactured in accordance with customer specifications and the most demanding international standards.We have the technology,resources,established mill relationships and experience to supply all tubular needs on time. Through standardization of products and services,we can provide cost effective solutions for any OCTG requirement or program.

- API certified drilling rig components :

Masts, substructures, drawworks, crown blocks, traveling blocks, hooks, hook blocks, swivels, rotary tables, and top drives. The rated load of our AC/VFD drive top drives is from 190 tons to 1,000 tons.      

-Oil pumping equipment:

API sucker rods and pumps for beam balanced and crank balanced pumping units. Depending on the type of load and the corrosion level in the wells, different steel grades are made available to meet our customers' needs.

-Offshore and onshore workover rigs

Which range from 150 HP to 1,000 HP. The service depth of our workover rigs usually equipped with Caterpillar diesel engines and Allison transmissions is from 8,000 ft to 30,000 ft.

We know the various needs of the drilling contractors and operators worldwide. One important thing about us is that we are able to supply quality products to our customers with competitive prices. Customers who buy equipment from us can benefit from great saving and get their equipment in time.

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