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Wellhead equipment

Drill Pipe Cementing Head X-max tree Flanges M Expanding Gate Valves FC Gate Valves X-mas tree Caps Tees&Crosses Tubing Head Adapters Tubing Heads&Spools TCM Casing Spools Casing Heads

We supply a complete line of API 6A wellhead equipment including casing heads, casing spools, tubing heads/spools, tubing head adapters, casing hangers, tubing hangers, base plates, secondary seals, FC type slab gate valves, M type expanding gate valves, R type check valves, DM type mud gate valves, flanges, adapter spools, spacer spools, and H2 type chokes, etc.


 Casing Head


Casing Spool


 Tubing Head


FC Gate Valve


  FC Gate Valve


 Tubing Head Adapter

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