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Top Drive

We supply a full line of AC electric top drives from 250 to 1,000 tons. Our model TD-250AC top drive is specifically designed for mobile drilling rigs. We know that short lead time is important for the drilling contractors. Most of our top drives can be delivered to the customers in a timely manner so that their drilling needs are met in time.


Drilling efficiency and safety are our primary objectives. The use of a top drive system provides the operator substantial benefits over traditional Kelly drilling.

• Drilling with 90 ft triple stands means fewer drill pipe connections, decreasing drilling time by up to 30%
• Greater control of directional drilling tools provides quicker tool orientation
• Reaming with triple drill pipe lengths leads to faster overall reaming
• Ability to circulate mud and rotate while tripping reduces the risks of stuck drill pipe
• Accurate tool joint make-up extends the life of the drill pipe
• Ability to stab and close IBOP at any time
• Fewer connections and no Kelly bushing at the floor means safer, more efficient drill floors


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