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Data van

    Data van can be used to monitor all fracturing equipment operation site, with the functions of centralized control, site monitoring, data acquisition, analysis, and processing. It can realize the unattended operation on site; its system connection mode can use ring or star network topology, and provides with a standard Ethernet interface and various communication protocols, and can compatibly control a variable brands of fracturing trucks and blenders; The application of DVCommand (command system) and MPC( multi pump control system) control and data acquisition software can flexibly equip the acquisition channels to meet the requirements of fracturing operation. Real-time communications with the third party software can make the remote operation monitor by logging the website at any place come true; The whole truck is designed by “six principles”, including reliability, maintainability, security, testing, safety and environmental adaptability, which make the truck comfortable and easy to use.

Main technical features

-Can control 32 fracturing trucks, and 2 blenders;

-Input channels of local or share network can be up to 500;

-The data acquisition frequency is 0.001-1Hz, adjustable;

-The display lag time of remote channel less than 500ms;

-The overpressure reset, emergency stop, and idle can be realized;

-The operation data can be collected at real time, and fracturing data and curves can be also displayed;

-Data record, process, and print;

-The international famous brand with first-class performance of NI controller (America national instrument) can be applied;

-The operation interface equips with optional multiple languages.

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