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Casing Anchor

Fixed casing anchor inside Casing string, during cement job the casing can be artificially given a certain upward prestressed power and this power can be still exist after cement paste hardened, thus can reduce the damage during the high temperature thermal work. When setting the casing anchor into the common well it can insure the casing in cementing extending and centralizing, prevent the rust and the eroding of the casing.
The technological parameter and specifications:
1: When the safety factor is greater than 2 the tolerance pulling power of the anchor is 1000KN.
2: The max.O.D. is 500-590mm when the anchor is open, it can be adaptable to the holes in different lithologic geology.
3: The max.O.D. is Φ200mm when the anchor is closed.
4: The min. of the channel section is 3317mm.
5: The shearing pressure of the suspended pin is 6 Mpa.
6: The staying claw should be opened and it is need to hold pressure 15-20Mpa before the prestressed is lifted.
7: The ratable diameter of the useable casing is Φ177.8mm.



Conn.  Anchor fluke Spread (mm) Adaptable hole (mm) O.D. (mm) Open pressure (mm) Operating pressure (mm) Max.pick up power (mm)
5-1/2”BTC 370 171-216 160  5-7 Mpa 15-20Mpa 800KN
6-5/8”BTC 560 210-400 192  5-7 Mpa 15-20Mpa 1000KN
7” BTC 560 216-400 200  5-7 Mpa 15-20Mpa 1200KN
9-5/8”BTC 700 300-500 280  6-8 Mpa 15-20Mpa 1500KN
 10-3/4”BTC 700 350-550  310   6-8 Mpa  15-20Mpa    1800KN  



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