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ZJ20 30 Truck-mounted drilling rigs

Our leading products mainly focus on three series more than 30 types:

Truck-mounted drilling rigs: ZJ15, ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40(from 450 HP to 1,000 HP)

Trailer-mounted drilling rigs: ZJ20T, ZJ30T, ZJ40T

Skid-mounted drilling rigs: ZJ40DB, ZJ40LDB, ZJ50D, ZJ70DB,ZJ90DB


Part of our products are as below:

ZJ20 Truck-mouted Drilling Rig 
Main Technical Parameters

SN Item Parameter
1 Installed Power 630HP (470KW)
2 Max.Hook Load 1580kN
3 Max. Drill String Load 700KN
4 Drawworks Rated Power 600HP
5 Transmission Hydraulic+Mechanical
6 Drive Mode 12×8
7 Norminal Drilling Depth (4 1/2"DP) 2000m
8 Mast Height 35m
9 Rig Floor Height 4.5m
10 Wirerope Diameter 29mm
11 Hydraulic System 14MPa
12 Pneumatic System 0.8MPa
13 Travelling System 5×4
14 Overall Size 20.1×3.05×4.49m (Including Mast)
15.56×3.05×3.1m (Without Mast)
15 Total Mass

Approximately 58000Kg

ZJ30 Truck-mounted Drilling Rig
Main Technical Parameters

SN Item Parameter
1 Installed Power 630 HP×2 (470 KW×2)
2 Max.Hook Load 2250kN
3 Max. Drill String Load 1150KN
4 Drawworks Rated Power 1000HP
5 Drive Mode 14×10
6 Norminal Drilling Depth (4 1/2"DP) 3000m
7 Mast Height 38m
8 Rig Floor Height 6m
9 Wirerope Diameter 32mm
10 Hydraulic System 21MPa
11 Pneumatic System 0.8MPa
12 Travelling System 6×5
13 Overall Size 23×3.2×4.8m (Including Mast)
16. 56×3.2×3.2m (Without Mast)
14 Total Mass

Approximately 85000 kg

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