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BOP Control Systems

 Applied in the drilling process of oil and gas wells, the BOP control unit is mainly used for control wellhead bop stack and choke valve opening and closing on the ground. The ground BOP control device is mainly composed of remote console, the driller's console, air pipe line (no electric control type), pipe racks (in cold areas will be equipped with electric heat tracing system, high pressure manifold, and protection room, the design and manufacture of the products match the standard SY/T5053.2 and API Spec 16 D.


PLC control type
Use PLC control technology and Profibus CAN BUS system to achieve simplification and automation of the operation;
Cable type
Brief design electric control system: connect remote control panel with driller’s panel by multi-core cable. Several kinds of explosion-proof technology can be applied as per request of users.
● With the backup battery, the control system can work normally for 120 minutes when there is a sudden power cut, ensuring safety and continuation of operation; 
● Flexibility offers more stable working performance even under extreme working condition;
● Driller’s panel is provided with function of operation status notice and misoperation protection, which makes the operation more convenient and reliable;
● Fast plug-in facility makes installation easy. 

Optional function 

1、Data recording module: for recording O/C status and pressure values of control system, which can be kept for a long time 
2、Data monitor system (including data recording module): to real-time display O/C status, pressure value of BOP on computer; to plot pressure curve diagram (support print out).
3、ATEX explosion-proof standard: to meet the requirement of the European Security Standard CE



Nominal working pressure

 21 Mpa

 3000 psi

Range of system pressure

 0~14 Mpa

 0~2000 psi

Accumulator nitrogen charging pressure

 7±0.7 Mpa

 1000±100 psi

Pressure display

 18.9~21 Mpa

 2700~3000 psi

Hydraulic pressure output interface, input interface

 18.9~21 Mpa

 2700~3000 psi

Gas-operated pump air source pressure (maxim air consumption)

 0.65~0.8 Mpa

 93~115 psi

Electrical source

 380±19V / 50Hz


Control objects


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