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Filter & separator
The filter & separator is one of our main products. Based on different 
conditions, flow rate, pressure and temperature requirements, we can 
choose the best applicable configuration which can supply with the 
whole station or supply it separately.We have vertical and horizontal 
type that can be choosen by the customer anddesign with GB 150, 
ASME VIII or regional standard(PED etc.)

Different kinds:
Baffle plate coalescer separator      
Cyclone coalescer separator
Cyclone separator
Cyclone cellulose separator
Dust filter separator


Water bath heater

The water bath heater used fo heating the natural gas and regulating the
temperature. It consists of furnace body, bumer, fireworks tube, chimney
tube, heat exchange tube, control system and fuel system. Fuel system was
composed by inlet stop valve, regulator and voltage regulator. We also
can design it with filter and heater to meet the different site condition.
The working principle of this equipment is using gas to heat water in the
bath,the hot water and natural gas has exchange in the tube lead to heat
the gasfinally. The water bath heater was provided with high efficiency,
compactstructure, easier system(without forced circulation system)

advantanges for operation.



Shell and tube heat exchanger


The natural gas is heated by hot water or steam in shell and tube exchanger.
The temperature is regulated by a control valve in the water system. The water
heated in a boiler is pumped to the heat exchanger. The boiler can be located
in an adjustment building or in our built container.




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